TJBI NEWS|2020 Student Assembly: 今年的学生大会荣誉名单中,也有你哦!

发布日期:2020-05-25 14:22

2020 New Semester: A Fresh StartIt is indeed a great scene to see all of our family members in TJBI gathered in last week's student assembly after a very long vacation. In the assumbly, we had the few words from our lovely teacher and student representatives and some of the students were presented awards for their great performance in last term.

Keith, Dean of International Faculty, is giving his words

TJBI SG: Dependable LeadershipFor the last semester, our student government has played a very wonderful leadership role in the lives of our students, through their planning of events and collaboration with school faculty. Flora, President of TJBI Student Government

2019年10⽉:校内开展的活动为 天⽣唱将海选活动。其间我们邀请外教及部分学⽣团体作为裁判,进⾏公正选拔。最终活动顺利完成。最受瞩⽬的天⽣唱将总决赛。以创新的主持⽅式,达到紧张活跃的节⽬氛围。其间运⽤到的新颖节⽬模式,赢得⼤家不少掌声。

11⽉份:学术部在校内公众号发表学习指南及学术活动,内含brainbee,spelling bee等的具体资料以及注意事项。为想要提升个⼈学术背景的同学提供了良好的信息平台。


12⽉:圣诞节期间 舞台表演安排。学⽣会积极监督各班级活动安排情况,并设想好节⽬完整流程。其中脱颖⽽出的是学⽣会设置的 流⾔蜚语 活动,此活动进⾏得⼗分成功。




学术部:学术部主要负责 学习类活动策划,公众号上发表学习指南、学习⽅法,以及带动各班级良好学习氛围。我们学术部的成员们积极分享学习⽅法,参与各类学术活动,带动了良好的学习氛围。

⽣活部:⽣活部是⾟苦的幕后⼯作者。正如,在校内饮料铺开张之前,校内引进的⼏⼗箱饮料均为⽣活部进⾏搬运。表演者们话筒的筹备,道具搬运 以及 提示候选⼈员的⼯作也均为⽣活部的⼯作范畴之内。







Achievements: We Must Be the Best!Over the last year, our students participated in a lot of extracurricular activities from different areas such as foreign language, robotics, video-production, sports, art and so on. They also won numerous prizes for the school. Are you one of us?

Kevin, Student Representative is speaking

Hello, my name is Kevin and it’s my honor to stand here to talk about my life at TJBI. Well, before I come to TJBI, I imagined it’s a huge place with a lot of students there. But when I came here, I found out that it’s a cozy place with a few students who now become my friends.I was shy at the very beginning, and afraid to talk to others. My classmates, especially girls, are very outgoing and they love to joke with other people, but I didn’t. I didn’t talk too much, I can’t understand what exactly the foreign teachers are talking about. I only talked to my roommate Gordon. We played together and destroyed a lot of things in the dorm. But as time goes, both of us changed a lot. We started to read together and learn together. Both of us joined in our school Techno Innovation class launched by Chinese Academy of Science. Through this course, we learn how to do scientific experiments and how tech changes our life. Besides, we read a lot of novels. Last semester, I read over 2000 pages of English books. Well, I also attend various academic competitions, such as Spelling Bee, Star of Outlook, and others. During the weekend, I join in Robot Project, where I learn how to do the programming and even make my special Robot. You see, through my efforts, I paid off. Now, in this new semester, this very special semester, I hope I have a new start and enjoy my school life. I wish everyone in this world could take care of themselves as COVID-19 is threatening us. Please stay healthy. Thank you!

Scholarship: We Can Do More Than We Think
We have 17 students who are rewarded for their great performance over the last semester. Are you one of them?新星奖(从左到右依次为)郑多维王陶然谢文婷许镐东
进步卓越奖(从左到右依次为)陈颖陆杨吴旭坤单旭帆学术卓越奖(从左到右依次为)陶一凡尹若凡皮官朋茅嘉鸣孙艺菁杰出贡献奖(从左到右依次为)方思喆李佳妮Frank, Dean of TJBI, is giving a speechTeng, Head of TJBI, is speaking